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Welcome to Cold Bath Street!

Organic music-making through the

interaction of people. 


CBS use a broad canon of improvisational approaches and draw on influences from Pink Floyd, Santana and Miles Davis right through to the present day. The band are a vehicle for the research work of Simon Partridge, Senior Lecturer in Music at UCLan. The aim is to produce new and ever-evolving pieces, to further understand improvisation and to share and encourage group music-making through concerts, workshops and collaboration with other artists. 


On this site you can find out what we are up to, understand more about how the project works, get links to our music past and present, or get in touch with us directly

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"Cold Bath Street are  fantastic players with whom I'm privileged to work. Equally it is a vehicle to research improvised group music."  
Simon Partridge – Director
Connor Daniels - Piano
Josh Bennett - Synth
Sam Bowen Wild - Drums & Perc
Holly Hughes - Flute/Vocal
Daniel Bench - Bass
Javon Aziz - Guitar
Chris Graves - Bass
Maddi Rolinson-Lord - Viola
Nseghe Ekpuk - Voice
Sean O'Hara - Drums
Scott Wilcoxson - Bass
Liam Ogburn - Guitar and Bass
Kris Price - Synthesizer
Niall Smythe - Bass & Percussion
Sam O'Brien - Drums
Jenn Alcalde - Voice


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