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Our session at the weekend got off to a difficult start. I was delayed and kept the players waiting a long time. Possibly as a result, the improvisations were a little reserved at first. However a new phrase exercise in E Major really seemed to get the session going and I felt a familiar and very pleasant feeling of 'not really knowing where this is coming from but it is good'. As the improvisation finished Connor Daniels reaffirmed my thoughts by saying something about us starting to 'get there' (wherever there maybe.)

"My belief...and not only a belief, I'm totally sure about that, is that when you are inspired you really don't know what is going on. 'Cause rational thinking stops at the moment when improvisation starts. Analysis of it comes later, perhaps. But the moment when improvisation starts, rational thinking STOPS."

Joe Zawinul: A Musical Portrait, 21:00 28/09/2007, BBC4

The odd thing for CBS was that 'getting there' was a place that was unknown and unplanned. The unknown or unexpected is desirable, usually the best stuff. The bit where we seemingly don't consciously know what we (individual or group) are doing. I'm talking here about the way the music as a whole thing evolves. A musical idea begins, possibly from a known point but then grows into something altogether more interesting. The focussed interactions of the group give the music amazing energy and the openness of the form allows this to manifest.

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